Caribbean Stud Poker is a variation of five-card stud poker which may have the added excitement of a progressive jackpot. You play the hand you're dealt: there is no draw in Caribbean Stud so you don't have to decide which cards to hold. The player's hand is pitted against the dealer's hand with the best poker hand winning.

How to Play

Begin by placing a bet in the designated space. If you wish to participate in the chance to win prizes from the jackpot, click on the coin slot on the table. A value of 1.00 will be added to your bet. Players are then dealt five cards face up while the dealer is dealt one card face up.

At this point the player must select from two options available:


If Surrender is selected, all bets are forfeited and the hand is over.


An additional wager equal to twice the initial bet is placed in the Raise spot on the table. The dealer receives four more cards face up.

The dealer must then qualify, by holding at least an Ace and a King or better. If the dealer hand does not qualify, the player is paid even money (1:1) on the initial bet and the Raise wager is returned to the player as a push.

If the dealer does qualify, play advances to the Showdown where the dealer and player hands are compared and the best poker hand wins.


IF... THEN...
The Dealer wins the player loses both the initial and Raise bets.
Dealer and Player Tie Initial and Raise best are pushed
The Player wins the Player is paid even money (1:1) on the initial bet and the Raise is paid according to the Raise Pay Table below.


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