How to Play

How to Play Before reading the specific rules of this version of BlackJack, it is necessary read the rules of the standard BlackJack. (See BlackJack Multi hands and BlackJack Single). The rules are like those of standard BlackJack. The difference, in Switch, is that the player always has two hands, played from right to left. The cards can be divided, doubled and insured as in standard BlackJack. Another difference is that the Dealer hits on a soft 17, and stands on all other 17's. BlackJacks are paid 1/1 instead of 3/2 (as in the standard game) as more BlackJacks can be formed thanks to the possibility of “changing the cards”.


Before drawing another card, the player can change the second card of each hand dealt.

Push 22

If the Dealer has more than 22 ("Bust"), and the player is not ‘Bust’, the player wins. If the Dealer has exactly 22 and the player is not "Bust" then the game is considered Tied or a Push. How ever if the player is dealt or switches to have a Black Jack player wins.

Super Match

his is an optional bet. It is not necessary to bet the Super-Match to play. To place a bet on the Super-Match, place the chips in the small circle in the usual Bet areas. The Super- Match game wins if within the first 4 player cards there is any of the winning combinations indicated on the table (1 pair, 3 of a kind, 2 pairs or 4 of a kind) You can see the pay outs on the Table.

Winnings Pays
Winning Hand 1 to 1
Insurance 2 to 1
BlackJack 3 to 1


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